Alissa's Wailing Wall

Some days I just gotta scream

25 October 1972
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My name is Alissa, and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I am a proud lesbian, and I'm in a long-term relationship with fireglade. We have four cats (Felina, Fiora, Chloe, and Callum) and six guinea pigs (Nightshade, Rue, Hesper, Juniper, Russet, and Bandersnatch).

I'm a disorganized writer/songwriter/singer/gamer of sorts. I am also hopelessly addicted to the quad grande americano. I plan to travel around the world one of these days, but first I need to achieve independent wealth. I am an out-of-practice independent scholar with shelves full of books that I have yet to read. Hopefully, one day my list of things to do will get shorter as I move toward the achievement of a more authentic, more active me. But that's enough about me...introduce yourself, and let's chat!

These days, most of my journal entries are FRIENDS ONLY, and it's an elite inner circle of online friends that gets to read the majority of my daily angst. If you're interested in getting further acquainted and perhaps joining the circle, feel free to drop me a message. I'm always interested in making new friends.

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